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Opening day of dove season, September 1, carries profound significance in the lives of many hunters in the great state of Texas.
Families and friends begin the mass exodus from their homes to their favorite dove hunting destinations.

Wildlife biologist, Jerry Woods, has been in the hunting business for over 30 years. He successfully dealt with individuals, families, large groups and companies in search of that quality hunting experience. The majority of our  clients have been hunting with us for many years. They understand the time and effort needed in the search for great dove fields that have the proper mix of food, water and cover.  We work closely with landowners to insure that crops(sunflowers, wheat, milo, corn, etc.) are harvested so as to produce maximum amount of dove feed at the proper time. Plenty of water is also available. Most of our dove fields are located 1-3 hours west of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex(Palo Pinto, Graford, Graham, Breckenridge, Woodson, Ranger, Eastland, Cisco, Rising Star, Brownwood, Baird, Throckmorton, Albany, Abilene).  Whitewings, mourning doves, and Eurasian ring-necked doves living in the city limits are abundant and usually forage in the fields close to town.  Hunters can hunt by the day or obtain a season lease(multiple fields to hunt). Whatever your needs, give us a call or send a text or e-mail and we will help you put together your dove hunt.  Contact

More Testimonials


"I have dove hunted with Jerry Woods on opening weekend for 16 straight years.  All but 3 of those shoots were outstanding and the poor ones were completely attributable  to weather. If there are doves out there Jerry will find 'em and put you on 'em."

        Chad Cable, Sulphur Springs, Tx


        "I've hunted doves with Jerry for several years and have had great success. Jerry organizes quality hunts and is always willing to give you a straight answer when you ask about the prospects of a certain field.  He's a great guy and runs a very professional operation." 

       Robert Hilton, Dallas, TX


      "Our group has been using Jerry Woods for our group Dove Hunting for almost ten (10) years. His vast knowledge of game patterns, local terrain and overall hunting expertise, has made our hunts extremely successful. His professionalism in dealing with multiple groups simultaneously, has earned him our business. I highly recommend Jerry for any of your hunting events."

       Steve Gonnet, Mesquite, Texas



      "I have hunted  Dove with Jerry Woods for at least five years now on his leased land and have been totally satisfied with the quality of the hunting. Jerry makes sure that the property is large enough to accommodate the hunters in a safe manner.

       Mike Hall


      "Me & my hunting buddies have been bird hunting with Jerry Woods for about 10 or 11 years now.

Jerry has always tried to put us in the best fields that he had available (which he always seems to have plenty).

On the good years that the birds cooperate, we never have a problem limiting out. On a couple of years, I have limited out in 45 minutes. On a couple bad years with Jerrys moving us to a better field, we still managed to get our limits before we went home. If you are a bird hunter, I'll have to give Jerry Woods the highest reccomendation for his work & commitment to make sure that all his clients have a good hunt & a good time."

      Floyd Davis, Tyler, TX


      "I've been hunting with Jerry for 15 years. He does extensive scouting, secures multiple fields to hunt on, and puts us on birds. I'm looking forward to year 16 and many more."

      Jay McClendon- Sulphur Springs